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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 20, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EST

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he is from north carolina. it really has to be eaten to be believed. >> thanks, sherrod. got to run. >> thanks, leeann. thanks, pete.,t is gavin, greg, not bad for a first time guest. and senate are on a collision course over the payroll tax cut extension. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: i'm bret baier. house is digging in for a long night as it debates the merit and pitfall of the senate version of the payroll tax cut extense and attempt to come up with the own way forward. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with the latest. mike? >> good evening. they are expected to have three votes. the first is expected to kill the package that passed on saturday. house spea speaker john boehnery they need to sit down and work
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it out. >> there is a disagreement between the two chambers. and we sit down and rethe differences. that is what i believe the house will do. >> message from harry reid that thought vote in the senate including the 39 republicans meant the issue would be finished until february responded, senator mcconnell and "i" negotiated compromise in speaker boehner's request. i will not reopen negotiations until the house follows through and passes an agreement negotiated by the republican leaders and supported by 90% of the senate. vast majority of the house republicans thought it was a lousy deal. told the speaker on a conference call saturday, and expressed their concerns today. >> you have to be kidding me. there is no certainty in two-month policy from washington, d.c. >> here we are again, punting issues that affect america until the month of february. that is irresponsible in my strongest opinion. >> boehner said he wasn't in
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favor of the senate plan. he just liked that a key provision republicans fought for was included. >> when i was outlining the fact that having keystone pipeline in here was a suggest. but i raise concerns about the two-month process from the moment that i heard about it. >> the policy neutral national payroll report and consortium written this letter about the 60-day extension. we believe there is insufficient lead time to accommodate the proposal embodied in hr-3630. in our opinion, it could create substantial problems, confusion and cost affecting a significant percentage of the u.s. employers and employees. house republicans noted that president obama said he would prefer a full-year extension over the 60-day senate plan. >> while this agreement is for two months, it is my expectation, in fact, it would be inexcusable for congress not to further extent this middle class tax cut for the
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rest of the year. >> the uncertainty is liking making many senators who left here on saturday thinking their work for the year was done, anxious. it is not entirely clear what the senate's move will be after the house acts tonight. bret? >> bret: mike man live on the hill. thank you -- mike emanuel, live on the hill. thank you. i spoke with house majority leader eric cantor an hour ago over the back-and-forth over extenting the payroll tax cut. >> i don't blame people for being frustrated but what the house republicans are trying to do, say look. we are willing to stay here to work and give working people in the country certainly as far as what their taxes will be like next year. provide one-year guarantee taxes won't go up. the senate passed a bill that was a 60-day bill. frankly, word had come out now from some of the experts that it's unworkable bill. here is the national payroll reporting consortium.
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people who understand what payroll means and how to implement these changes and say it's really an unworkable and untenable thing. we are trying to do the right thing. no reason why the house, senate, president can't stay in town and provide a workable solution so hard-working people of the country know taxes won't go up the next year. >> bret: wasn't there communication with the house leadership and senator mccon telein thenate -- senator mcconnell in the senate moving through the senate side? >> the senate, they look to harry reid to bring up what he wants the senate to vote on as the leader. the house consistently take an position we believe we can do better. we believe what is best is provide certainty to make sure that the payroll tax holiday is extented for a year.
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the president is in favor of that. the house democrats said. that there is no reason we can't do that. >> bret: you know a vote with 89 can include 39 republicans. somebody didn't get the message it was a bad idea. >> senate republicans were only given one option to vote on. that was harry reid's choice to bring it up. >> bret: the original deal, was that false? >> john boehner and i are on the same pay. for a year's extension of payroll tax holiday. we believe it's the right thing. we owe it to the american people we can demonstrate the results. people are tired of excuses and things we can't do. if you go to congress is keystone provision jettyson to get a one-year payroll tax cut? >> that issue has been resolved. i think that the president and
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others have been willing to say okay. there is 60 days in which he has to decide whether to allow that project to go forward. we believe it's great project to promote jobs and help the energy security. hopefully that will be disposed of in the right way. >> bret: from a leadership perspective, is it okay for the g.o.p. leadership to have votes where more democrats vote for something than republicans? to get through? >> this is not the case on this bill. the situation at hand is from the house perspective, we have over 218 votes for the house position. what you will see happen is they will reject it as unwor unworkable and not fair. we will deposit a position where i think all of us can come together, we can reach compromise how to implement this.
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then give the people of the country, hard-working people what they deserve. >> bret: friday you lost 86. you lost 101 for the omnibus going forward. a part of your party that isn't buying in the compromise. they want to hold the line. is that a problem for you as leaders of this caucus? >> some of the frustration exists because we are not getting as far as we like if you talks about about reducing spending or implement the pro-growth tax policy. we have a divided government. we have come to washington to effect real change that is difficult. you will see the republicans united behind trying to do the right thing.
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asking the president to stay in town to work it out. no working person in america can face tax increase for the rest of the next year. >> bret: thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> bret: leadership change taking place in north korea for the first time in 20 years and seen as optimism and dread. we look at the future of north korea. >> reporter: the man officially called dear leader, kim jong il died of a heart attack saturday. news of his death hidden by the hermit kingdom until early hours of monday. l.a. known pictures of him take an day or so before. korea watchers worry that the nuclear state may be more assertive in the future. >> one of the results of the sudden death of "king kong" congress is that there is nobody with a strong command of authority and leadership who can say to the military.
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they want to develop the nuclear program and ballistic missile program. >> reporter: kim jong il known for his love of foreign films and fine brandy, but denied some of his citizens the most basic needs. north korea is one of the world's most closed societies. no stranger to famine and chronic malnutrition. kim jong il suffered a stroke in 2008 and elevated his son to successor status. it's not clear if he will go straight to power. he is a basketball fanatic and otherwise is unknown commodity to the outside world. there are fears that he will flex his muscles militarily.
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>> we reiterate our hope for improved relations with the people of north korea and remain deeply concerned about their well-being. >> with the massive army, north korea is in a state of war with the south. they are believed to have enough plutonium for half a number nuclear bombs. north korea test fired a missile today. american and north korea officials believe it was part of a military exercise, not connected to the death of kim jong il. >> bret: more on this with
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the panel. amy kellogg, thank you. iraq's shiite-led government issued arrest warrant for vice president hashemi on terrorism charges. this is the highest ranking suni official. this comes a day after the final u.s. troops pulled out of iraq. attorney general holder explains why he and president obama are under fire. later in the grapevine. first, who up and who is down in the g.o.p. presidential race?
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>> bret: just a little more of two weeks until iowa first in the nation caucuses. chief political correspondent carl cameron tracks the latest polls, and the newest ads.
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>> slipping in the polls in the face of relentless criticism for the rivals, newt gingrich told modest crowd at the headquarters of the global services in davenport he will hold daily conference call with iowanss to answer the attacks. >> i wish they would have the courage to be positive and have a campaign where we matched ideas. we didn't see whose consultant can be the nastier or whose consultant can run more pleasant ad. >> they face overwhelming barrage of attacks. featuring ads on the air and get out the vote operation on the ground. >> newt stood up with ronald reagan and was there with conservative values. >> that ad launched by independent pro-gingrich super pac to offvent quarter of million dollars of commercials gingrich running himself. mitt romney spending a heck of a lot more than that. a super pac is backing romney
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that unleashed $740,000 of attack ads on gingrich. >> he took $1.6 million from freddie mac before it helped cause the economic meltdown. he supports amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. the gingrich record, 30 years in washington. flip-flopping on issues. >> the latest iowa poll, from a democratic survey shows the iconic libertarian three-time presidential candidate ron paul at 23%. virtual tie with romney at 20%. gingrich slipped to 14%. rick perry, rick santorum and michele bachmann now in double digits together. just barely. on the 45-city bus tour, perry let loose double-barrel blast against gingrich and romney. >> wall street bail-out was the singest greatest act of thievery in american history. gingrich and romney were for it. that's what insiders do.
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>> tonight, the campaign on pins and needles about the iowa race. tomorrow, the influential family leader group of religious conservatives in iowa plans to announce the endorsement at 10:30 in the morning. the last several hours there has been a buzz ripping across the hawk yea state suggesting that the endorsement was contingent on generous gift to the organization. the founder says that is untrue. there are four candidates, rick perry, rick santorum, newt gingrich and michele bachmann vying for it. whoever gets the nod can count on a big boost organizationally. bret? >> bret: carl cameron live in davenport. thank you. while the republican field is still up in the air, president obama's re-election campaign is starting to take shape. chief white house correspondent ed henry spoke with axelrod today in chicago. >> he insists he is not
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salivating over the latest dust-up. >> don't you want to run against a do-nothing congress? >> i have choice of extenting tax cut for a year and energizing the economy and having an issue to run on, i'd rather energize the economy. >> you have to wonder if some folks think screwing up economy and throwing wrench in the works is a good political strategy. >> dozens work today in the headquarters for obama 2012. across town at his firm's offices lined with political memorabilia. axelrod mused this race is more exciting than 2008. >> the most peculiar race, unusual race i've seen. on both sides because of how unpredictable it's been. he is no longer sure that mitt romney will win war of attrition to capture nomination, he trained the buyer on him.
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he says i'm not a politician, i'm a businessman. when you spend $52 million on your own campaign, you qualify as politician. >> he used old adage to mock newt gingrich. >> the higher a monkey climb on a pole, the more you can see his butt. meaning the more prominent you become, the more you are a front-runer the more everybody takes a close look at you. >> he vowed if gingrich is the nominee, obama camp will not attack the former speaker's personal life. >> i am not going to stray in those waters. >> sizing up the entire republican field. axelrod borrowed a line from romney, as he compared his group to the democratic field last time around. >> they were a lot of plausible presidents on that platform. it was a substantive exchange. different from the republican
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side. >> axelrod told me he thinks the republican battle is like a reality show. each candidate getting a week as a front runner and waiting to find out whether they get voted off the iland. >> bret: ed heavenry live in chicago. thank you. still ahead, in-depth look at newt gingrich's view of the judicial branch. after the break, remembering the author of the velvet revolution >> announcer: if you think identity theft is scary, just wait till you try to fix it. >> 58 different individuals are using... absolutely, using my old social security number. >> announcer: identity theft has topped the federal government's list of consumer complaints for the last 11 years. it's a serious problem with anyone with a social security number, and it continues to get worse. fact is, on your own, there are many things you can do to deter identity theft. protect your social security number. be internet savvy. use intricate passwords. safeguard your purse and wallet. shred and destroy.
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. attorney general eric holder is once again raising eyebrows with comments about race. he told the "new york times" some of his critics are motivated by their animou against his boss, president obama. this is the way to get to the president because of the way i can be identified with him. due to the nature of our relationship and the fact that we're both african-american. in 2009, he was criticized saying that the america was nation of cowards discussing race. today, allen west, african-american, told the daily caller holder's use of the race card is
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reprehensible, and that it has nothing to do with your race. it has everything to do with competence. the january caucus in iowa around the corner. but most americans want the race to be finishe gallup survey found 70% of americans wish the election was over. compared to 26% who can't wait for it to begin in iowa. kim jong il has been main stay in the grapevine so we thought we would compile some of what they reported about the recluseive leader. kim they said was accomplish golfer and once shot 38-under par on regulation 18-hole golf course in round that included at least 11 holes in one. he was worldwide style icon. his jump suits became global fashion phenomenal. according to state run reporting. he loved hennessey coniac.
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he also composed six operas in two years. newt gingrich's concern about activist judges has led him to advocate a balance rebalancing of the three branchs of government. correspondent shannon breem looks at the positive and negatives of the plan and what it means for the judiciary branch. >> i would be prepared to take on the judiciary if it did not restrict itself in what it was doing. >> thursday's debate sparked a heated discussion about how far the 2012 contender newt gingrich may be willing to go. he called it grotesquely dictatorial, and pledging if he becomes president it will simply ignore editions rendered by the supreme court if they don't patch his interpretation of the constitution.
4:34 am
>> he talks about impeachment proceeding and requiring judges to appear before congress to explain how they reached decisions and in some cases abolishing the courts altogether. >> what he is suggesting an important change in direction of how we deal with the court acting more like legislatures than like court. it's extremely important to rebalance the system. >> many of gingrich's critics agree with that position, they object to solution on two fronts. they say the inaccurate reading of the constitution and federalist papers led to unwarranted assault on the judiciary. >> the problem with that is that the system is framers gave us. so to attack it is attacking the framers.
4:35 am
>> second, the method won't work. >> newt gingrich is proposing the feel good measures that won't accomplish anything. undermine his ability to get done what he ought to get done in nomination process. >> some conservatives argue the court is a check against the legislative branch advocating for more regulation and intervention. meaning they may present the only defense to conservative truest enemy. bigger government. in washington, shannon bream fox news. >> bret: the supreme court announced it will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the president obama healthcare law over three-day period. march 26 to 28. so it would come next summer. the house digs in for a long week. possibly long night on the payroll extension.
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so, i'm very pleased to see the work that the senate has done. the agreement is for two months. it is my expectation, in fact, it would be inexcusable for congress not to further extend the middle class tax cut for the rest of the year. >> what i'm suggesting is that the president asked for a full year extension. we agree with the president. damn leaders said the same thing in the last two weeks. we should do it for the full year. why do we always have to go to the lowest common denominator? >> tonight the house will take up a series of votes, three, actually. the first is expected to kill the payroll tax cut extension that passed the senate over the weekend. the senate vote was 89-10. then the hope is how republicans say to force it in a conference committee, where they can negotiate some sort of conclusion. but, of course, the deadline is ticking closer.
4:40 am
and we're heading in to christmas week. senate majority leader harry reid says this about the back and forth. "senator mcconnell and i negotiated a compromise at speaker boehner's request. i will not reopen negotiations until the house follows through and passes this agreement," speaking of the senate bill, "negotiated by the republican leaders and power play all righted by 90% of the senate." that is where we are. bring in the panel, david drykrer, for roll call. juan williams, the hill. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer you heard the house majority leader on this show say they are going forward, they are going to push this and see how far they can push senator reid to negotiate on one-year payroll tax cut extension. >> there is the same that certain factions never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. republicans here had a win because keystone pipeline divided the democrats.
4:41 am
gave republicans a major policy and put president obama in a box. he didn't go over with the rank and file conservatives. not just the freshmen, but the veteran and the freshmen conservative in house caucus that want more. speaker boehner and cantor have no choice but to go along with what the members want. leaders have to do that. they are in a mind. for now, the senate democrats are dug in and they have no idea of changing -- in washington, there is dug in and dug in. my reporting today they have no intention of doing anything. the senate republicans are similarity disabused to do anything. but they are not going to undercut colleagues in the house. few have senator mike lee and viter, no squishs. they voted for this. senator marco rubio, i believe. this is a big cluster.
4:42 am
>> juan, if the house is expected tonight, moves this and passes it over to the senate, then they are holding this extension. but doesn't the onus go to senate? >> part of this is inside baseball for the moment. the inside baseball part you describe it as you discussed with majority leader cantor is that, you know, mcconnell had fully informed speaker boehner and boehner agreed he would support this deal if it was worked out in the senate. clearly, he doesn't have the rank and file support. what i am hearing from rank and file we're not up against the deadline. why is the senate on vacation? they should work on this for a year long package. the problem i think is that
4:43 am
the president has the political advantage. this goes for two months and then they will have another discussion about it. the hang up is the refusal of the house republicans to allow for surcharge on millionaires. >> bret: however, there is another wrinkle, the neutral national payroll consortium has a letter out saying that 60-day extension is not logistically feasible. we believe that there is insufficient lead time to accommodate proposal and goes on to say you can't turn around the system. in enough time to have two-month extension of the payroll tax cut for all of the payroll folks. i know we're in the weeds here, but that is part of the equation. >> this shows how an outside observer knows about this and has no political axe to grind, this is the bill passed by the senate. abomination. this is one of the worst ever
4:44 am
crack by the hands of man. the congress is saying a lot. it can't be administered in time. and fairly. it's not just tax policy. two-month extension. one-year extension isn't a tax cut. it's a tax holiday. to do two-month extension is a long tax weekend. it won't have any effect whatsoever on hiring practices. the idea that obama saying this is a jobs provision. it won't have any affect on job whatsoever. a terrible bill. on politics, they will get killed on this. that is the irony. they are trying to extend it to a year, are trapped. the democrats set a trap. republicans are walking in on it. perfect example of corrupt environment. if you act on principle as the
4:45 am
conservative or house are doing, you will be nailed on politics. >> the democrats really feel -- they won't say it that publicly but they got rolled on the initial deal. that is one reason that republicans on the house don't like a deal they thought they got rolled on and went along with anyway. they have no desire to help republicans out and explore this. they have an opportunity for the political high ground. the charles is right about the policy. with a week to go before christmas, less than a week, this is all about the politics and people emotion onlily spent. >> bret: down the row, what happens? go to conference or worked out? what happens? >> it depends if the public relations tilt back to republicans' favor and democrats feel pressured. if they don't, they are willing to walk and let the republicans take the blame. >> sure, politics, everybody
4:46 am
says politics to the democrats' advantage. it matters will he can say this is not our fight. >> bret: that looks like it won't happen tonight. >> democrats take a walk and republicans take the fall. >> bret: next up, north korea takes center stage after the death
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today, the foreign minister and i discussed the evolving situation on the korean peninsula. in light of the reports from north korea, state-owned media, on the death of kim jong il. >> we reiterate our hope for improved relations with the people of north korea, and remain deeply concerned about their well-being. >> i think it's very possible
4:50 am
that the military simply who holds the real power in north korea are simply not going to accept this 20-something newly minted four-star general as the inevitable successor. >> bret: well, the man known as dear leader, north korea, kim jong il died saturday of a heart attack. the news being spread by state run media. his successor, his son, 27-year-old heir, kim jong ii. you heard that we don't know a lot about him. he is unnon-commodity. there are some worries he may try to do something to projoke or show what he would think is his strength as the new leader there. back with the panel. charles, what about this? >> well, the honest answer is we don't know, but unlike a lot of other issues we are not alone in not knowing. it's incredibly opaque regime.
4:51 am
what we do know is when kim jong il, the dead leader took over, he had been working closely with the father. for ten years. so we got the acquired authority in military and elsewhere. this guy, the new guy, mr. ii is coming in without any experience what so ever. the grooming began only about a year ago. the people of the country hadn't even heard of this guy or seen a picture of him until a year ago. so he has no relationships. there is also a little squiggle in this. where the sister of the dead leader has been given authority and her husband. you have a regency here, shakespearean situation in which the young one ends up in the tower of london or worse. in the end the military will decide which kim will reign.
4:52 am
this is defying attach. >> they fired two short range missile of the russian variety from back of vehicles. not the same long range that we have seen the multistage. there is a thought we don't know what is coming in the weeks ahead. >> we have no idea. nobody including hillary clinton had no idea. she is talking to people in the six-party talks that broke down, china. they are saying what are you hearing? no. there is no control. not only are they buying off devices but they continue to have the nuclear weapons. they have more urrainianum
4:53 am
than ever. so if this man is of a mind to use weapons against south korea, we could be in real trouble. this is at a time that china is trying to enforce that the idea it not the united states, not anybody else is in control of that whole south asian region. if that is the case, question then, you know, we understand that the chinese are afraid of a rash of people across the border. should the country become unstable. why won't the chinese act to gain control or force some kind of talks that point of transition? >> bret: it may change quickly. we have 28,500 u.s. troops along the border there south korea. >> they are worried about rush across the border. north korea is like a disease in remission and rearing its ugly head to cause problems. heading to the campaign
4:54 am
season, a reminder that certain part of the world are vollal. president obama could be dealing with this. we still have no answers. >> bret: turn topics. man that led the "the velvet revolution," vaclav havel. the playwright. spent years in communist jails. the former czech president died. charles, his significance for the freedom movement, really? >> he was one of the great heroes of human liberty and the cold war. in the mid-'70s when the soviets were strong and america and the west in retreat, he authored the charter 77. of the year 1977. which declared that sort of the dignity of man against the communist authorities. at a time when everybody imagined that lost cause. he turned it by the moral example and the others who
4:55 am
signed it sat and by counterparts in poland, valencia and the worker revolution there liberated eastern europe from within. one of the great successes of our time. >> bret: juan, a lot of people put him in the ranks of even nelson mandela of south africa. >> absolutely. for eastern europe. mandela was in jail and havel was in jail. you think how they wouldn't allow mandela writing and clearly the letters from ulga, from havel to his first wife to talk about picking up on the theme of individual denying a lie, just tremendous stuff. >> i think we take for granted that the soviet union and the iron curtain ended up on the edge of history. and ronald reagan once said and, said it was going to happen. but it wasn't necessarily destined to be. the first half of my life wasn't, we didn't think could go anywhere. individuals like this that over time by sticking with it,
4:56 am
helped to bring it about. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a new holiday ad overseas.
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>> bret: finally tonight, if you have grown tired of the same holiday ads airing again and again, you are not alone. in fact, we are not alone, apparently in the u.s. now a christmas ad is apparently airing in tehran. it may have iranians in the same spot, frustrated. but this ad must have been cut in recent weeks. >> come on, we are going to be laid. [ laughter ] >> sometimes a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. >> is that what i think it is? it's the american spy drone december to remember event. [ laughter ]


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